The Journey with Jesus

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I’ve known Jesus most of my life. I haven’t always stayed on the path with Him; sometimes I’ve gone my own way, only to be course-corrected by the Holy Spirit. He isn’t going to let me go.

Sometimes we worry about whether or not we’re in the will of God, and the older I get and the more experiences I have, the more I realize that most of my choices are just that–choices. Jesus is going to work with whatever choice I make, and He’s going to glorify Himself through it. He’s not wringing His hands in worry over whether or not I’ll choose the right path, so neither should I.

I feel I have to say it, even if it’s obvious. I’m not talking about whether or not to walk into sin. Of course not. No, I’m talking about making decisions with Him. Sure, I talk to Him about all of those decisions. I ask Him for wisdom because He promised to give it to anyone who asks. I ask for clarity and direction. I evaluate conversations with the saints and counselors He’s placed in my life, and eventually, I have to actually decide what to do.

Recently, I found myself in this situation, a situation needing clarity. I prayed for months, daily, for direction, wisdom, and clarity. This time, I had no confidence in making a decision until I found myself, arms lifted in surrender, reaffirming that I would do whatever He asks, and I repented of holding back. In that moment of surrender, I found I had exactly the clarity I needed. I just KNEW what I needed to do. It was as if the fog cleared, and the journey before me was obvious. Isn’t that just like Him? I wasn’t knowingly holding back, but I was worrying about the whole thing! I believe that moment of surrender was the key to unlocking the door I needed to walk through.

Journeying with Jesus is the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on, and He will frequently surprise me as we crest a rise in the landscape and show me something He has for me on the other side. The way is steep and treacherous at times, and putting one foot in front of the other is not always bearable on my own. He invites me to lean into Him as He helps me up the difficult terrain. As I get to the other side, the view never disappoints. His plans for me are indeed good. Friend, they are for you too.

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