The Weary World Still Rejoices

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The debut book from Amanda Geidl: friend of Jesus, wife, mama, and writer. The Weary World Still Rejoices explores the characters and scenes of the Christmas Story in 25 daily readings. Questions follow each reading to aid you in your own discovery of who Jesus is, how much He loves you, and with opportunities to respond to Him.

About the Book

Who is Jesus?

Where did He come from? What is the mystery behind His birth? Who were the key players in his story, and how do their journeys help us in ours? In this book, I explore the identity of Jesus and how His coming changed the world.

Why Did He Come?

Jesus’ first coming is a precursor to His second coming. This devotional addresses the purposes of Jesus in his first coming and contrasts them to the purposes of His future return.

How Do I Respond?

Interwoven in the daily readings are stories of key characters in the Christmas story. By sharing their journeys, I hope to illuminate how their choices and responses to God worked out for their good and His glory. Through the questions that follow the reading, I hope to direct you to reflect on your own decisions in following Jesus.

Praise for The Weary World Still Rejoices

  • “I was overwhelming pleased with my purchase. I’m a bit of a Christmas grinch. As I skimmed through the content the moment I got it, I could already feel my hardened heart thaw.” — Queenb0502
  • “In a season that can feel challenging and frenzied, a daily dose of God’s word accompanied by Biblical commentary and thought provoking questions is exactly what I was looking for. Amanda’s heart for Jesus shines through in this beautiful advent devotional. Each day includes a short reading passage and three simple but introspective application questions. The simplicity of the Christmas story is often lost during this season, but I intend to use this book for focused time on the Lord each day of advent. It will also make a beautiful gift for my friends, family, and friends!” –Cherrykitchen
  • “This book is the perfect way to help get your heart and soul focused on the message and away from the mess that the Christmas season sometimes becomes. It will help you focus on Jesus, learn more about Jesus, and prepare your overburdened heart for the awesome Truth of this holiday season. It’ll put the Holy Spirit back into your Christmas spirit. It’s easy with a short daily read and some thought-provoking questions, but so valuable.” –Lindsey
  • “A breath of fresh air in this time of uncertainty, bringing a sweet reminder of the faithfulness of God even in difficult circumstances. In each of the 25 daily devotionals leading to Christmas, Amanda Geidl gives a fresh perspective of the story of Jesus’ birth, then beautifully reveals how their journey relates to us today. Looking forward to sharing this with my family this Christmas season!” –Lisa Kent
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